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I collected a few favorite pieces of Tomax and Xamot fan art for my tumblr. I couldn't find much. The most I've seen is of the twins standing side by side looking boring. If anybody happens to see this and has seen some (preferably pervy :-D) fanart that isn't here, it might be because I haven't seen it yet. Please share. I've only been able to find good art on either Tumblr or Deviantart.

This is the greatest drawing of Tomax and Xamot I've ever seen. -So fantastic. It captures their acrobatic skills and how bad ass they are.


This is cute because it makes me think "Tomax and Xamot: College Days". Cobra Commander is just a thug starting out, instead of a terrorist overlord. The twins look like they're eager to start a hazing ritual for a fraternity or something. X-D That's awesome how their legs looked fused, like symbolizing how they are Siamese twins of the soul. Nerd ragey protip: Their parts are wrong, unless that is supposed to be Renegades scarred Tomax.


This is kind of cool, although the twins look short. I like the idea of a live action g.i. joe movie with Tomax and Xamot in it. Then I found out that there were two g.i. joe movies already without them, two I haven't seen obviously. :-P This is where you want to stop if you don't want to read anything twisted and perverted. It gets racy after this picture.


Thought of a story to go along with this next one: As Tomax dropped off from the fast acting sedative he had been given, Xamot pleaded for their freedom. "Please release us! We have forty six children at the commune who need their fathers!" Dr. Mindbender glared at him darkly and replied, "Your children should be proud to know that the 'divine bodies' of their worthless con artist daddies will now serve the greater glory of science!" He drew sedative from the vial and approached Xamot, jamming the needle into his bony arm in a way to cause maximum pain. He stared into Xamot's frightened, tear-glazed eyes and said softly, "I know what you wanted to do to me when I was under your mind control. Now I'm going to have lots more fun with you two.." With those words, the doctor pushed down the plunger on the syringe and gave Xamot a merciful rest before his next full day of terror.


Next two are from vera-ist-44 on tumblr:

I like this one because the brothers are grasping each other with such powerful need that it's like they won't even be able to wait long enough to find two disciples to rape. They'll soon be all over one another like rabid weasels, scratching and biting at each others sensitive flesh, grinding furiously, until they cry out in synchronized ecstasy.


This is the only intimate shipping picture that I know exists. I was inspired to write a slash fic about it. I thought long and hard; this was the only way I could think of how this piece should be interpreted: Nobody went unloved at the Temple of the Brothers of Light for long, but on this night, the brothers knew they'd disappoint their disciples and spend a quiet night alone. After a delightful dinner and glass of wine, Tomax and Xamot sat together in silence, lazily rubbing each others backs and enjoying each others company. Xamot sighed in contentment and said, "Someday when we spread our faith worldwide, we shall be like Father Abraham..." "..Our descendents shall number the stars." Tomax said, eagerly finishing his thought. Tomax felt overcome by wonderment at how glorious his future would be with his flawless, angelic amoré by his side. Suddenly need rose up in him both urgent and strong. Xamot knew what was coming, knew his brother enjoyed feeling powerful. He relaxed and allowed himself to be pinned down onto the hard dining room floor and straddled. He could just barely feel Tomax's hardness through the soft satiny lining of his robes, but he knew it was as ready as his own. They didn't bother with foreplay, as their bond was so intense when they were aroused they could barely touch each others bare skin without trembling uncontrollably. A murmur of pleasure came from deep within Tomax's throat as he firmly held his brother, grinding into him through their robes, wincing in unison with him as he pushed his backside too forcefully into the cold ceramic tiles. Xamot made soft cries of surrender to his brother's power sexiness. Tomax came almost immediately, sending them both into shudders and gasps of pleasure that grew with intensity as Xamot followed a few seconds later. When they finished, Xamot held his brother, enjoying the moment with a small smile of satisfaction. Tomax sweated and shivered uncontrollably, leaning against his shoulder, and Xamot knew it was his turn to feel powerful.


I loved this drawing because it captures the spirit of how Tomax and Xamot would make people feel. If Lady Jaye doesn't care to be the cream filling in their sandwich, she could always kick one of them in the nuts and they both go down. If it were me, I totally would consent, although I'm nerd raging at how the scar was drawn on Tomax's left cheek instead of Xamot's right. Also, doesn't Lady Jaye have hazel eyes? The description said something about 'Spell of Sirens being the G.I. Joe episode that launched a thousand pervy fan fics.' My big question is 'WHERE GODDAMMIT!!1!' I've looked all over the internet. There must be a goldmine sitting somewhere in a locked community I don't know about.


The technical skill isn't the best here, but I like where this drawing is going. There should be more Crimson Twins art with the word 'stalk' in the title. I like how Tomax looks like he has a little pointy beard. LOL! I'm pleased the artist got the little bump on their noses right.


Here's another one, this time featuring Lady Jaye and the Brothers of Light. Again, details aren't great, but I like the theme. The brothers likely have their mind control mojo going strong, otherwise a soldier like Lady Jaye could handle their scrawny asses. I imagine them dragging her off to their holy love nest where they will flip a coin to see who gets to do the actual deed and who gets to lie back and enjoy himself. I imagine the one who gets to lie back will consider himself getting the better deal, as the cult twins don't appear to be as vigorous and manly as their 80's counterparts.

From sydeany-magnus on tumblr:


Not really into the bishounen style, but it's theeemmmm and it's naughty. Normally, seeing two brothers naked together would give me the chills, but Tomax and Xamot have a psychic bond that gives them shared sensations. Any sexual experience one would have would have to involve the other. I like how the first one is almost peen but not quite. Extra points for body hair. You don't see it much in this style of art.

From hushicho on tumblr:


Pencil sketches that really captures the Crimson Twins' personalities. First one: They are focusing their intense stare on you, as if they are thinking about double teaming the shiiiiitt out of you. The important question is...are you alright with that? Second one: They are focused on each other. Creeeepy but awesome.

From devilfuckingdickens on tumblr:



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LOL, I about hurt myself laughing as I read my dining room sex scene, then imagined it in real time. Imagine one of the Crimson Guard witnessing it:


Account from Brother Franz: "We were guarding the dining room door when suddenly Master Tomax threw Master Xamot to the ground and started ferociously dry fucking him while Master Xamot sobbed in fear. Before we could even think of intervening, it was all over. Master Tomax started crying on Master Xamot's shoulder, while Master Xamot reassured him, saying, "There,'s okay. I knew you were going to do that. I enjoyed it too..."
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