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-Don't know why I've never done this before, but I googled "Tomax Xamot PORN" and found a whole stash of naughty stuff. That was the magical word, porn. Before, I had typed in the twins' names followed by such things as 'adult fan fiction' or 'adult fan art' and never got anywhere. One thing I should mention with great pride is that most of the stuff that came up on the first page of both text and images on Google was my stuff. I'm super stoked I've been making quality contributions to this fandom.

One thing I don't get though...when I post about Tomax and Xamot on my Tumblr, people are nine times out of ten more likely to 'like' my non pervy posts. What's up with that? I thought fandom was all about sex and weird kinks? Does the whole twincest thing weird people out too much? When I first created my Tumblr, I was originally going to put as a header: Perverted Xamot and Tomax. I ultimately left 'perverted' out because there were no other Tomax and Xamot themed blogs I needed to distinguish mine from. People would get the point quickly enough. I get this vibe a lot of people aren't into the rape jokes either. This will never stop me from posting them. Everyone has their hangups. I know I do. When I first got into posting artwork on the Elfwood fantasy site back in the day and started doing LJ, I stumbled upon fan fiction sites where people were into writing gay slash stories where a larger guy would abuse the shit about of a smaller guy with some kind of relationship Stockholm Syndrome where no meant yes. I sat reading with a sneer and furrowed brow, shifting uncomfortably in my seat saying, "I don't think the little guy would act like that. I think he would be like this, this, and that..." That was me empathizing too much and not getting that it was all about people's kinks and not anything resembling reality. I've lightened up since then, but I could imagine my contributions to Tomaxamot might give people a similar reaction to what I had.

-Not that I have no hang ups now. I'm into My Little Pony, but I hate, hate HATE the fandom. It has almost made me fall out of love with MLP because 1.) Sexualizing horses is gross, 2.) I'm tired of the 'all lesbian all the time' party -and- 3.) I don't want to see pony versions of other fandoms.

Anyway, this post is mostly a critique of my findings, as I found a lot things lacking. Let the games begin:

First picture I found bugged me because one can only tell it's supposed to be Tomax and Xamot by the outfits. I liked the huge, enormous shlongs and the incestuous pose, but it's as if the artist was trying to make them look attractive so now they don't even look like them. The Crimson Twins are like male versions of butterfaces, but I like their crooked noses and rugged features. Oh, and the artist forgot to put hair down there.

If I did a version, they would be very hairy, as I imagine Corsican men would be. I actually have a composition for doing a raunchy ARAH twins portrait. I would have them in red mesh underwear with Xamot taking a tense dominant pose while Tomax was in a relaxed passive pose. I have fun times imaging their different personalities, as even if they are identical, they aren't clones of one another. The trick is having the nerve to sit down and actually do it. I've never drawn a serious penis in my life. Imagine me having a little angel and a little devil Kharmii sitting on my shoulders. The angel would say, "Don't do it! Do you really want to be one of those people who draws cartoon porn?" The devil would say, "You should totally do it. It would be the most epic thing ever. Lots of people would be into it, even though they would pretend not to." Okay, so maybe I'm deluding myself with that last statement. I'd have likely done it already if I ever had encouragement from other people. Unfortunately, it has gone the other way. I've lost about 1/5 of my followers right after posting pervy stuff.

The next couple of drawings, I head canon as being a wonderful dream both twins shared through their psychic connection. LOL! Shipping the twins and Lady Jaye is popular in the fandom because of Spell of the Siren. This is a total nerding out attention to detail, but are the twins wearing those little winter coats, like, from the movie?

I was kind of amazed to find a rape fantasy comic called Danger Girl: In The Clutches of Cobra. I'm only posting the Tomax and Xamot panels. There are a lot of Major Bludd panels, and the comic is easy to google if someone wants to see the whole thing. A quick note before I post this: One thing I noticed right away is that for a rape fantasy, the artist made the twins look about as non intimidating as one can imagine. In one of the panels where there is penetration, Xamot looks apologetic and even a bit vulnerable. In G.I. Joe: ARAH, the twins look very intimidating at all times. They are big brutes of alpha males with expressions that range from crafty and stern at their best and cruel and a little crazy at their worst.

On to the comic....

***Xamot's expression in the next panel is about as aggressive looking as anyone gets in this comic.

Did some recoloring to make Tomax and Xamot look more like they do in the cartoon. I should mention that I'm not really into this comic, per se, just that I'm amused by the idea someone would make a rape fantasy with the twins in it. The idea of creepy twins being rapey is morbidly funny to me, along with the idea of being able to mind control a person into doing ones bidding. Anyone who has ever read or viewed my fan work would know that I've never done anything remotely this bad. Well..that is with the twins being aggressors. They've done some questionable stuff to each other and have had horrible things done to them, but I've never done a rape fantasy with a woman. Mostly I've written comical sexual assaults gone wrong stories. One even had them getting their asses handed to them by Lady Jaye. The twins experienced enough pwnage from her in ARAH so it's believable.

In the following, I would have switched the positions of the twins, putting the more dominant Xamot on the top. Then Tomax could go, "Oh...OH!! It feels like my dick is two places at once! It's so amazing! I love you Xamot.." Danger Girl would think, "Oh God, this can't be happening. It's so horrible..." Okay, so I'm joking, but how could someone do a sex fantasy involving the Crimson Twins without making any reference to their shared sensations? That's no fun! It's their defining characteristic along with how they do gymnastic stunts in their flashy circus uniforms. To their credit, the artist did have the twins finishing each others sentences.


Talk about non threatening, the first time I saw Episode 13 of Renegades, I be like, "Are those two big, ugly women walking out of the temple? Oh wait, they're more like monks who are getting over an illness and might be anorexic under their robes, judging by their sunken features." I don't know what's going on with them because the Renegades art style is so shitty. I guess it makes sense if one wants to make a person look creepy, giving the appearance of poor health is the way to do it.

I thought about it and came to the conclusion I like them for being shiny and new and I romanticize their head canon suffering. That seems to be the prevalent theme in my fan works. I tried to see if there was a trope based on this, but the closest I could find was an article about romanticizing abuse. That's not quite where I'm at, but there are elements of this in my work, along with a smidge of romanticizing mental illness. -Maybe some hurt-comfort in there, like the way they lie entwined to deal with stress or pain. If anyone thinks I'm often using a trope I haven't mentioned, plz comment and tell me. When I fantasize about the Brothers of Light, it's with an attitude like they've gone through horrible things, but it's behind them and they're recovering. I feel this is reasonable. One can imagine two sickly guys running a cult have to be a little bit out of their damn minds.

If I was into IDW, I could see romanticizing Tomax's suffering after losing Xamot. -Like they do that white twin/black twin thing, so I head canon Tomax sitting at his desk imagining a black shadow Xamot working next to him, or when he was in the prison infirmary, he'd imagine Xamot in his mind telling him to kill people and escape. It'd be Tomax coping by imagining they were still connected somehow.

Anyway, the following picture is the closest thing to porn (not produced by me) that exists for the Brothers of Light. The artist made them look even more pale, delicate and sickly than they do in the cartoon. The twins look as if they barely have the energy to commit their incestuous act before one of their disciples will have to break out the smelling salts. They also have lighter features. Every character in Renegades has a huge freakin' nose and witchy jaw.

no title

I believe I'm the only artist who has ever done nekkid porn of the Brothers of Light, though my version is less cartoony. I couldn't believe I got so few looks on Deviantart. It's nekkid porn for godsake..and my Cult Twins look healthy. Sickly is not sexy.

Notice I put Xamot on top and Tomax in a vulnerable position. It ticked me off how in the cartoon, Xamot had a moment of weakness at the same time Tomax looked bad ass. That's how I head canoned Tomax getting exasperated at Xamot's emotional trauma.

Well..that about covers everything. It took about a week of writing a few words here, a few words there to complete this. -Didn't think a porn post would take so much deep thought.

Date: 2015-10-28 12:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] robert mize (from
Maybe the Google results indicate you're one of very few writing about this. There's so much individual talent out there, the more specific you are the less competition you have. -By the way, you misppelled 'porn'. :)
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Just wondering - why did you delete your most recent post? Wont get much of an audience if only 1 person reads it.. it was very informative. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

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