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This entry is for my Tumblr fan page. I'm probably not supposed to do this, but I decided to post this whole comic here. I didn't want to like it, as it's part of the series that killed off Xamot, but it was actually quite good. It was a work of art. The comic itself is like the twins, telling a story in a mirror image, almost, but with a contrast in perspective, like their getup. Even though they are much different than their ARAH counterparts, they are somewhat in the spirit of the characters by having nice hair and endearing butterfaces.

Seriously though, killing off Xamot was super weak. If this comic series is still going, they should give him a soap opera revival, like maybe he could have been off overseas in some shithole country this whole time working for the Unione Corse. When he came back, he could tell Tomax he went incognito because he hadn't felt their connection anymore and wanted to do his own thing, but now it's out of his system. He'd be ready to come back and be rich and successful again. Tomax would be super pissed, of course. He might say something like, "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! I almost killed myself eating TOXIC PAINT CHIPS in PRISON because of you!! What if you would have come back and found out I was long dead?! Just the other day, I passed the spot where we (insert crude memory), and it brought me to my knees with grief!"

Xamot would give some excuse, like, "I'm a silly-silly. Now give me a big old hug!" Then they'd be good again. Tomax would forgive him because of his whole 'Slavery is freedom; I'm forever yours..' attitude.

The last time I had written about this, I had only seen a few panels of the twins, then read the synopses of a few comics. Even so, after reading this, I feel like I had their attitudes down perfectly. The style of this comics is really neat though. The whole first half is in Tomax's pov, the second half is Xamot's and they meet in the middle, mirroring each other. Tomax is on the sunny side of life. In almost every single panel, he is smiling and looking very happy. Whether he's making plans, running a business, or choking the life out of some Unione Corse member who's supposed to be like family to him, he does it with a skip in his step and a smile on his face. It's almost like, given half a chance, he could give up his villainous ways and concentrate on building infrastructure.

Xamot, on the other hand, was turning into a dark edgelord pulling them back to villainy. He had suffered an injury that left him with a bruised ego. Sometimes when bad things happen to bad people, they might get a change of heart or find religion. Not so with Xamot. He felt isolation and confinement in the business world, and he longed for wide open spaces and the good old days when he could change the world with a gun and a pick up truck. He longed for freedom and adventure. It almost is like he was becoming a chaos worshiper, believing freedom came from having endless possibilities, whether good or bad.

Interesting how Tomax felt contempt for the extremism and isolation of a warlord who was powerless in the grand scheme of things, then made the comment about young Corsican soldiers shaving their heads to express misguided individualism. I wonder what he'll make of Xamot's new look and attitude? Tomax might be like, "What?! Are we fifteen? Sometimes I feel like shaving my head and saying 'goddammit all' to the world too, but then I just take a lunch, -maybe get a massage on the way- and I'm good". Anyway, I'll find out if I can find more free downloads. If anyone can help me out with this, please pm me a link. My old source is toast for now.

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