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This entry will be an essay exploring the two extreme and opposite faces of evil and how I believe they will work together to cause the de-evolution of modern society (if the damage hasn't already been done). Interestingly enough, one of the faces always claims to be progressive. I've probably brought up many of these points in the past, but will reiterate because I want to attach this to a future work of art. Also, if anyone irritates me on a forum, I will send them this link to torment them. Perhaps I can someday cause someone out there in internet land to toss and turn at night, their happy dreamland disturbed by accountability in the form of a tangible monster. DISCLAIMER: This is likely to be offensive on so many levels.

First, I will talk about how my day went at work on Wednesday. The fat broad across from me gets every Monday off. Her sub is really awesome and gets her route done faster than fatty, so of course she has it in for her. Tuesday, she called off and the supervisors put a sub on her route who is known to do the bare minimum of work and nothing extra, while the awesome sub will go above and beyond. When Fat Lady came in today, she had piles of mail left over from the day before, yet managed to say something negative about the good sub and nothing about the bad, even though the good sub cleaned up her mail on Monday. Then she proceeded to describe how she had been up since 4AM the previous day throwing up because of getting a bad reaction from her medication. I believe she is pushing for some kind of disability to jump on so she can get paid early retirement.

Okay, I'm not so Spartan as to not believe in early retirement for people afflicted with crippling diseases or freakish deformities resulting from an accident, but the fat lady has neither. She has spent her whole life living an unhealthy lifestyle and treating her job like a burden, and now that she is in her middle age, she's paying for it and wants to transfer the cost on to us or the employer by going on permanent disability one day. People like that anger me more than any other. We have another lady with the shakes and she still manages to get her work done in a timely manner! When I first started working at the post office seven or so years ago, I thought it amazing how the lady with the shakes would constantly have her head swaying back and forth, yet she would be able to get her route done faster than most people.

The fat lady also brought up my boyfriend from Australia and expressed her worries about my long-distance relationship, claiming that the guy may very well be a criminal or have more than one family. She brought up various losers she met on the internet who would play all kinds of games. I thanked her for her concern but said that I wasn't going to live a life of fear locked up in my cozy little house. If I did that, the years would roll by and I'd soon be dead with nothing to show for my life. It's like that hymn we sang in church once that went: Though I may speak with bravest fire, and have the gift to all inspire, and have not love, my words are vain as sounding brass, and hopeless gain. Of course the song was mostly about God's love because the lyrics then went: For God so loved the world He made He gave His own begotten son so all who believe in Him might live, not die but live forever more.. I also took it to be about wordly love too, because without God's grace and good values, I don't believe that it would be possible to understand what being in love is all about. A person who loves him/herself believes that he/she is worthy of redemption and therefore can feel free to love another person.

Also, sometimes it's best to go after the unknown, take risks and make oneself vulnerable. I live by a certain set of values that make me uncool and undesirable to the lowlives and zanies of the world, therefore I can be confident that I won't be an attractive target. My boyfriend is the same way. We are both comfortable with ourselves and don't have something to prove to the world, in order to hide our insecurities. Neither of us have tattoos, green hair and an aching desire to be the ultimate individual. I'm not doing anything that I don't want to do. It's all about free will; anything I do is because I want to do it. I don't do things because I'm weak, or because I've been brainwashed by the sensationalist media into thinking its a cool thing to do. I don't make excuses for the things I do by claiming I have a personality disorder or am possessed by an uncontrollable compulsion. I don't do things because God ordered me to in a dream or because the position of the stars are just right. I am the sum of all my actions good and bad and must take responsibility for subsequent results of these actions.

Now I've gotten all that out of the way, I will now write about the two faces of evil: Lust For Power -and- Loser Mentality. These forms have a common ground; insecure people practice these immoral/amoral actions in order to make up for their inadequacies, whether it be because they grew up poor, are lazy and unwilling to work hard for a better life, were picked on in high school, are weaker and less-accomplished than their siblings, suffered some kind of trauma (such as being raped or molested), or have an undesirable physical trait (such as being fat, having a big nose or a small weiner). Few people in this world don't have at least one of those problems. I do. Can you guess which one? Whatever it is, I don't let it rule me.

Lust for power is probably the lesser of the two evils infecting society, just because it isn't as prevalent. Power is hard to come by and requires a lot of hard work to gain. A person who is deserving of becoming powerful usually is willing to work at it in ways, such as conditioning the body, gaining a higher degree (PhD or Masters) that will make money or working hard to deserve a promotion in the workforce. It's a shame that there are many, many times more people desiring power than there are people who truly deserve it. Undeserving people usually find small ways to lord over others. Some become tyrannical micromanagers. Others will rape women and children. Many get a thrill of power robbing others of their possessions. Many more will get a thrill pretending to be someone else in an RP or getting into witchcraft or other zany cult religions. What a surge of power it must be to think oneself capable of wielding magical power!

Loser morality works together with the lust of power through the sensationalist media, which glorifies rapists and criminals of all kinds. I once watched the tail end of a retarded movie called Fast and Furious over at a friend's house. A cop let a guy go free, even though he spent many years stealing cars and repainting them to sell on the black market. Why? -Because the criminal was good at car-racing and the cop respected him for it! X-P My lowlife friends just ate that garbage up like $.39 cheeseburgers at McDonalds. I used to associate with people who would sit around on their worthless dead-asses all day, but they would often try to play up that they were great people, just because they wouldn't rat out a friend if the cops caught them with drugs. What honor. X-P Ho me a scumbag is a scumbag is a scumbag. There are no misunderstood monsters or honorable criminals or downtrodden leeches. I don't fall for the excuses people with low self-esteems like to make for why criminals are justified in breaking the law. A lot of people grew up poor. A lot of people live in bad neighborhoods and were abused by their parents. Not all of them grow up to be losers and law-breakers. We were all born equal in the eyes of God but it is the choices we make in life that determine our value as we grow. Criminals are dirt and I don't appreciate how society glorifies the 'monster heroes' the media shoves at us, whether it be a vampire on a fantasy site, a serial killer in a movie or a gangster in a sitcom (such as the Sopranos).

Back before cheap labor killed the industrial towns, back before families broke up when divorce and abortions became commonplace, many people would live in the same town their whole lives, in a town where everyone knew one another. People used to actually worry about what other people thought of them. Now, people don't have that pressure and they are bold when they do all the wrong things. What irritates me is the heart of loser morality: When people do things that are obviously wrong and then justify it by trying to convince me and other people that the things they do are perfectly acceptable. IE: It's okay to have illegitimate kids and become a welfare cheat because birth control is expensive. I drink too much, do drugs and gamble because I have a disease and can't control myself. Weak and ignorant people will do any stupid thing under the sun and then make excuses why I should think what they do is perfectly alright. Wrong! I believe that people should admit to being wrong and have a little integrity and common decency. It's okay to make mistakes in life, -everyone does- but it's not okay to make excuses.

The Loser Mentality Catch-Phrase: Whenever I voice my complaints in public, the losers yell me down with their loser slogan Don't Judge Me! You have no right to judge me, they say. They have the right to judge me of course..... Whenever I say something outrageous and unpopular, such as 'Illegal immigrants shouldn't shit out five kids one after another before they even turn twenty, and then jump right on welfare to become a burden to the American people', the Loser Squad will jump down my throat, flame me or post about me on [ profile] stupid_free. There, the jury will talk about how much of a bad person I am, -or- how much my artwork sucks, -or- how the lines on the sides of my mouth make me look old -or- how bad of a Christian I am.

Speaking of Christians, loser morality dictates that we should be called 'bible-thumping fanatics' whenever we express an opinion that people should act right! Every lowlife under the sun likes to talk about how the world would be a better place without religion, but I'd be willing to bet that some of them are first in line with a hand out at the food pantry or pregnancy center when the churches contribute generous donations! I started going to church three years ago because I wanted to come out of the mouth of madness and hang around people who were into living normal and decent lives. I think that, while religious people are human and make mistakes, losers don't like them because they still pressure people into living by good values and taking responsibility for their actions.

In my perfect world, people would read this and ask me, "Why are you telling me these things that I already know?" Unfortunately, there are many who would get their panties in a bunch reading this.

Whew! That was a long one and I may have to edit it and add a few things! It took me three days to write because I haven't had much free time lately because of other interests. That's okay. This is one of those things I should have made an outline to organize my thoughts before writing. When I was halfway through and went to chorus practice on Wednesday, I was so mentally tired that I probably wouldn't have been able to write much of anything coherent anyway. From now on..OUTLINE=IMPORTANT. Now, I just have to work on the accompanying drawing. It will be very surreal and have a story all its own, but I'll still attach this because I'm a dickens like that. Also, I have a few other ideas for drawings and a short story in progress. The ball is finally rolling on Kharmii's Spartan Family.

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