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-Don't know why I've never done this before, but I googled "Tomax Xamot PORN" and found a whole stash of naughty stuff. That was the magical word, porn. Before, I had typed in the twins' names followed by such things as 'adult fan fiction' or 'adult fan art' and never got anywhere. One thing I should mention with great pride is that most of the stuff that came up on the first page of both text and images on Google was my stuff. I'm super stoked I've been making quality contributions to this fandom.

One thing I don't get though...when I post about Tomax and Xamot on my Tumblr, people are nine times out of ten more likely to 'like' my non pervy posts. What's up with that? I thought fandom was all about sex and weird kinks? Does the whole twincest thing weird people out too much? When I first created my Tumblr, I was originally going to put as a header: Perverted Xamot and Tomax. I ultimately left 'perverted' out because there were no other Tomax and Xamot themed blogs I needed to distinguish mine from. People would get the point quickly enough. I get this vibe a lot of people aren't into the rape jokes either. This will never stop me from posting them. Everyone has their hangups. I know I do. When I first got into posting artwork on the Elfwood fantasy site back in the day and started doing LJ, I stumbled upon fan fiction sites where people were into writing gay slash stories where a larger guy would abuse the shit about of a smaller guy with some kind of relationship Stockholm Syndrome where no meant yes. I sat reading with a sneer and furrowed brow, shifting uncomfortably in my seat saying, "I don't think the little guy would act like that. I think he would be like this, this, and that..." That was me empathizing too much and not getting that it was all about people's kinks and not anything resembling reality. I've lightened up since then, but I could imagine my contributions to Tomaxamot might give people a similar reaction to what I had.

-Not that I have no hang ups now. I'm into My Little Pony, but I hate, hate HATE the fandom. It has almost made me fall out of love with MLP because 1.) Sexualizing horses is gross, 2.) I'm tired of the 'all lesbian all the time' party -and- 3.) I don't want to see pony versions of other fandoms.

Anyway, this post is mostly a critique of my findings, as I found a lot things lacking. Let the games begin:


Well..that about covers everything. It took about a week of writing a few words here, a few words there to complete this. -Didn't think a porn post would take so much deep thought.

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