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Felt like doing another entry, this time focusing on both IDW comics and something weird I thought about Renegades Tomax and Xamot's psychic connection. Expect the usual. I wasn't very interested in IDW, but since I run a Tomax and Xamot themed blog, I felt the need to look into it and express my thoughts. IDW is the fourth comic continuity I've heard of them being in. The others were Marvel, Devils Due and Devils Due: Transformers. The twins had the same flashy costume design as in ARAH in those three. Hopefully there will be a new continuity of the ARAH twins coming out in 2016 in the form of the live action GI JOE 3 movie. I'm hella excited. They should hurry up and cast the actor, then release some pictures. The previews should be fantastic too. -Can't wait.

First I will put up my collection of IDW Comic panels along with commentary:

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It has taken me a month on and off to get this entry done! I'm on vacation from work right this moment, so I had a little free time to work on fandom and also crank out the first entry for [ profile] against_pc currently in moderator queue. I hope it catches on. One thing I miss about LJ is the prolific political debates I used to get involved in. Now the communities with the most traffic have become echo chambers for sjws or hard leftists. [ profile] therightfangirl gets good from time to time, but it's a community kept locked to keep out the troll horde.

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