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-Was all set to crack my knuckles and get some creepy porn down, but then I got caught up in a thread about Myers-Briggs personalities. After much study, I thought, "I wonder if Tomax and Xamot have definable personalities matching one of these?" Then I realized that I had made Tomax an obvious ENTJ. Xamot was more difficult to figure out, but I believe he is an ENFP. Now I might not know what I'm talking about. Watching a few Youtube videos and reading a few web pages isn't going to make me an expert, but it's all about having fun. I thought, "ALRIGHT!! I've got a reason to write about Tomax and Xamot!! YE-YEAH!!1!"

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I almost did an outline for this in a notebook but then thought, "Ooooohh no..there's no way I'd ever finish this if I did that. I'd over think it to death." That's why I winged it over the course of a few days. I've been exhausting myself being busy all week, but in a way that I had time to think of silly stuff while I worked. Weather has still been almost non stop rainy or cloudy. I just checked the ten day report. They have got to be kidding:

The Kankakee River is almost up to the bridges, and the river has submerged bridges in Momence, which is screwed. The sheriff's department released a video showing an aerial view of flooding after Monday's rains. If one looks at 1:10, one can barely see the ripples where the dam is. The high side is level with the low side, and one can only see the top of the arches on the Station Street bridge. I've never seen it like this in all the years I've lived here.

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"I see you've met our paranormal twins, Tomax and Xamot.." Dr. Mindbender began, gesturing to the two gagged and restrained men. One was squirming and pleading with his eyes; the other, -the scarred one- sat still, empty eyes staring into space. He knew what was coming, and his brother couldn't help them put it off any longer..

Thought it would be fun to make a post full of creepy weird random material not yet represented by pictures in the blog or by fan works. I called my Tumblr 'tomaxamot' for two reasons: 1.) Because it's a shipping blog and I combined their names (think 'Brangelina' or like 'Baronestro' in the fandom) -and- 2.) It could be the name of their fused soul. This fandom is a kind of laziness, as I have three kids and no time to think of original ideas. I have, however, come up with so many original ideas unrelated to the fandom that I might have come up with OCs inspired by Tomax and Xamot. Maybe I could have called them Max and Monty. The cult world was too much fun to get into though.

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Whoa, this is over four thousand words long. I wasn't playing around. :-D It's hilarious most of my public posts are fandom related, so I can link to blog. I've been very prolific on LJ lately, but everything is f-locked.

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This entry will be an essay exploring the two extreme and opposite faces of evil and how I believe they will work together to cause the de-evolution of modern society (if the damage hasn't already been done). Interestingly enough, one of the faces always claims to be progressive. I've probably brought up many of these points in the past, but will reiterate because I want to attach this to a future work of art. Also, if anyone irritates me on a forum, I will send them this link to torment them. Perhaps I can someday cause someone out there in internet land to toss and turn at night, their happy dreamland disturbed by accountability in the form of a tangible monster. DISCLAIMER: This is likely to be offensive on so many levels.

First, I will talk about how my day went at work on Wednesday. The fat broad across from me gets every Monday off. Her sub is really awesome and gets her route done faster than fatty, so of course she has it in for her. Tuesday, she called off and the supervisors put a sub on her route who is known to do the bare minimum of work and nothing extra, while the awesome sub will go above and beyond. When Fat Lady came in today, she had piles of mail left over from the day before, yet managed to say something negative about the good sub and nothing about the bad, even though the good sub cleaned up her mail on Monday. Then she proceeded to describe how she had been up since 4AM the previous day throwing up because of getting a bad reaction from her medication. I believe she is pushing for some kind of disability to jump on so she can get paid early retirement.

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Whew! That was a long one and I may have to edit it and add a few things! It took me three days to write because I haven't had much free time lately because of other interests. That's okay. This is one of those things I should have made an outline to organize my thoughts before writing. When I was halfway through and went to chorus practice on Wednesday, I was so mentally tired that I probably wouldn't have been able to write much of anything coherent anyway. From now on..OUTLINE=IMPORTANT. Now, I just have to work on the accompanying drawing. It will be very surreal and have a story all its own, but I'll still attach this because I'm a dickens like that. Also, I have a few other ideas for drawings and a short story in progress. The ball is finally rolling on Kharmii's Spartan Family.

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