Jan. 1st, 2014 02:29 pm
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Guess I'll do one private entry and one public. It's about time (after four and five years?) that I record this crazy time I've had with Randall and everything since. Anyway...here's the public entry about what happened with Tanqueray to make her quit her job, just because delicious drama is always fun.

I was off work for an entire year, so have no idea when this all went down, but I will tell you that Tanqueray is one vapid, squirrely individual who was acting weird about this Rick-o before I even left. Rick-o is a guy version of her, only in that he's promiscuous. Other than that, I think he's an easy going decent enough guy with no obvious personality dysfunctions. Before I left, they were screwing around together. I thought badly of him for getting involved with her, -thought he was an idiot- but it wasn't enough to keep me from getting along with him. I would say nice things to him to encourage him because that's the kind of person I am, always encouraging people and trying to make a happy environment around me. Whenever I'd say something to him, Tanqueray would get all possessive and start acting wild, and I'm talking like crazypants wild. For example, one day she went around going "WHOOOOT!!" all day, talking excitedly, as if we were at a party, even though we were just at work.

When I got back after a year and found out she was gone, most everyone I asked acted extremely uncomfortable and hesitant to talk about it. Two women I asked pretended like they didn't know (they knew; everyone knows everything about everybody in that viper's nest). One guy said she had a meltdown because she didn't get what she wanted. Another guy told me that she was getting jealous because Rick-o was paying attention to other women, and she was wanting more out of their relationship.

Finally, yesterday, this guy brought up how they've had to change the codes on the doors several times when crazy people come and go. He rattled off a bunch of names, and 'Tanqueray' was in there. I asked what she did to make them see her as a risk. That's when I heard two conflicting stories when the guy I buy sides of beef from chimed in. The first guy said that she was basically forced to quit because she had a huge meltdown (inspired by this childish, highschool mentality relationship drama with Rick-o) and threatened somebody. She was going around saying, "I'M GOING TO GET THAT PERSON! I'M GOING TO GET EVEN!!" After that, someone is just done because they have a zero tolerance policy for threats and violence. They would have gone after her job if she didn't quit. The second guy told me that she was goaded into quitting because the supervisor knew what to say to push her buttons. I tend to think that guy was on her side only because most people side against the supervisors.

I don't know if she threatened the supervisor, Rick-o, or some women who flirted with Rick-o, but either way, it's a damn stupid reason to quit your good paying job just before getting your own route. I've had so many soul-damaging major problems in my life that I totally don't know what it's like to have trivial problems, but you'd think that having a crush on a guy who won't return the affection could be easily solved by taking a few days off work and doing something to keep your mind off of it.

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