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Got most of the screens done on the sunny sides of the house. Just have to do one in the kitchen and two in the utility room. That might be it, as the shady side of the house might be fine. I screwed one up pretty badly. It was the third one I did, one of the sun room screens. I must have accidentally slashed one when I was cutting the excess off with an x-acto knife. There's a two inch tear at the bottom. I tried stretching it a bit, but it won't go. I'll pull out the spline, put some extra screening in, then patch it later. It was an easy job and they look nice, but they aren't 100% perfect. Some are slightly loose, like I didn't stretch the material enough. I still have to buy the kit to make a frame for the back door. It might have been a waste of time to replace the screening on the eastern facing side of the house because both those windows will have to be replaced. The seals are bad on both so that there's condensation in the glass. The one in my bedroom was difficult as hell to get locked properly after I opened it last. Now I'm not keen on even using it after the trouble.

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I looked at all my February and March LJ entries in between 2007-2009 to see if I could find mention of that night. I can't remember Mark's b-day, but I do remember him telling me he was a Pisces the day I asked him if he'd take the MTBI test. It was so funny hearing him tell me about how the Pisces sign matched his personality perfectly because he was romantic, unorganized and full of compassion or something. I kind of took the piss by telling him how my original due date was July 8th, yet I held on just long enough to be born on the first day of Leo. Just imagine if I had been born on time? I'd be a whole different person as a Cancer! I might think before I speak and make home made bath bombs and book shelves out of old dressers and other crap I found off Pinterest.

It's funny reading back at those old entries. I was so PERKY in a lot of them, even if it was going shitty, like I'd be all, "I'm coughing up blood today, but it's a GOSH DARNED BEAUTIFUL DAY!" I suppose it was a way to express reverence, like it could always be worse.

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